JonO’s Picks: 6/7-6/15

Tue, 6/7

Thu, 6/9


Fri, 6/10

Sat, 6/11

Tue, 6/14

Wed, 6/15

  • Hayes Carll @ Varsity Theater, $20-25
  • The Claypool Lennon Delirium @ Skyway Theater, $30-35

JonO’s Picks: 5/20-5/26

Besides Art-A-Whirl… Here are some more interesting shows to check out!

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ol 97s





Art-A-Whirl is upon us again! and that is fantastic.

First of all, go see the art. Northeast is full of ultra-talented artists and this is a fantastic opportunity to support them. Buy some stuff, in fact, buy some stuff that costs a little more than you ever thought you would spend on something for your home. You will be glad you did.

nemaa art a whirl

Second of all, The music portion of Art-A-Whirl is amazing and worth enjoying too!

Here are some thoughts on what might be fun to see this year from some of the Crabwise folks.

art a whirl update

JonO’s Picks: 5/13-5/19

Fri, 5/13 (Friday the 13th)

  • The Lowland Lakers – Album Release (The Mississippi is Between Us) @ Dakota Jazz Club, $7


Sat, 5/14

Sun, 5/15

Tue, 5/17

Wed, 5/18

Thu, 5/19

JonO’s Picks: 5/6-5/12

Fri, 5/6

Sat, 5/7


Mon, 5/9

Tue, 5/10

Thu, 5/12

a review: The Mississippi Is Between Us Now

The debut album from The Lowland Lakers, “The Mississippi Is Between Us Now”,  is out May 6th and I had the honor of giving it a few listens before it was officially out.

the mississippi is between us now

i know i know… Ok why even read this? Of course Dan is going to like the record… He’s a huge fan of the band and friends with those guys. Not at all impartial. Well, you are right, but… The record is good.


It’s really good.


The most striking thing is how amazing Nate, Haley’s and even Matt’s voices are. This is something I would have always said, but this time it’s different. I think there are three things at play making their voices even more spectacular;


  • The songs on the album have interesting arrangements. They did a nice job with their song mechanics. The hooks are accentuated perfectly. The chorus on Haley’s ‘It Won’t Be Too Late’ will instantly fill you with a warm feeling reserved for only the very best of pop songs.


  • They have become better, they just have. They have been working at it for years and are becoming masterful singers. They go many different places in their vocal range offering a good variety on this album. Their duets are spot on. On ‘New Cliche’ Nate goes high and Haley goes low. They combine to make something quite different and quite wonderful.


  • Finally, the recording itself- is the best I have ever heard from these guys. I know they spent quite a bit of time at a barn in Southern Minnesota working on this album. That may not sound like the most high end studio, but the warmth and fullness of the sound is perfect. I love the mix, and I love the way the instruments sound. I want this album on vinyl. The vocals, Matt’s bass, the guitars, mandolin all of them fantastic. They did a particularly nice job with recording Haley’s fiddle on ‘Wild Wind’. The whole record sounds fantastic.


Another gem on this album is a cover tune.I wish I had an argument on why The Lowland Lakers version of ‘The Longest Day’ is better than Megafaun’s. But I don’t. To me it just is.. And I frikin’ love Megafaun’s version.

the lowland lakers logo

OK, let me see if I can find some constructive feedback for this album. Here it is; I think I would have rather had a couple more upbeat tracks to break up the downbeat tracks. I feel that would have made the album even better.  There was ‘County Line’ and ‘Groggy Mumble’ but nothing else that I would really call ‘upbeat’ at least in in the traditional sense. That is not to say this is a sad album.

To me this record is articulately-distilled, melancholic happiness. It is capturing that point when you have gone from slamming MacAdams plastic bottle whiskey to sipping Macallan 12. It is that feeling you get when you are driving up the North Shore on a midsummer Saturday morning on your way to go camping with your beloved and you have good coffee in your cupholder. The skies are just more blue along the north shore- and even bluer yet with this album.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


The Lowland Lakers will be performing in Minneapolis at The Dakota Jazz Club on May 13th at 10:30 PM  for their Album release
For More info on The Lowland Lakers and where to find this album, check out: